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Dear Food lover!

Thank you for reading this unique FoodGuide™ by The Yellow Heart™. My name is Fenmei, I was born in China and grew up in Holland. I work as a visual artist, but what I also love besides art is food. My day is filled with thoughts about what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and even for snacks. When I was little, I was living with my grandparents in a small village in China. In this village, we used to greet with: «Have you eaten?» and if you didn’t: «What will you eat later?». Yes, food is very important to me, especially Chinese food. I need to eat Chinese food (rice) once or twice a week, otherwise my body will give me this weird feeling of not being satisfied.

When meeting people to discuss projects, I always propose to have Chinese lunch or dinner together. And since I am living and working in Rotterdam, this city is my place to be. Throughout this booklet, I’d like to share my part of China in Rotterdam, and there is no better way to do this than by telling you where to eat the best Chinese food.

I am accompanied by Yiyu and Steffen producing The Yellow Heart FoodGuide™. The three of us try to make it to your personal guide to China in Rotterdam. All persons mentioned are friends or people in my network. Finally, please leave your own personal comments: keep this FoodGuide™ close to your yellow heart!